Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Wookiee

The idea behind this blog is to chronicle for any and all out there on how to make a genuine and good looking Wookiee costume.  The first suit I will be taking on in this blog will be Tarfful the mighty Wookiee Chieftain.  I chose this suit because a good friend and I decided that we were going to make Wookiee costumes, but we didn't want to have the same one.  He had already started his Chewbacca.  So Tarfful was the next choice for me since he was the second most recognizable. 

As I have already completed the costume, much of the writing in this blog will actually be retrospective.  The good thing about this is that everything I have to share comes from experience from making mistakes, fixing those mistakes, and compiling the successes that make a costume great.